So there we were! Holy hell fire shit tell us about it mother fucker! Like I said there we were standing in the raid in the backyard of Just Ace childhood home.  The pack was ready for Virgin shiggy, not 1 not 2 but 3 beerchecks, a danger can, Kool Aid of the Day (KOD) and of course a sandwich check.  Also a scavenger hunt for colored paperclips at YBFs

Hares away as Split Doggy Dog led the pack in the chicken song.  Pack away we find trail and head out going about 1 block we come to a check we search and find trail Motor Boating Hoes find the YBF and clips, Stinkin find BN and heads into the virgin shiggy to find the beer. After we head right and go about 2 more blocks and go into the woods to find a butt check and KOD.     As we head out to trial we go 100 yards and stinkin finds a danger can he shares with the pack.

As we go back on trail Anal Rose and Stinkin find 2 razor scooter in the woods and ride off to the non sunset.  The pack follows to a sandwich and beer check were we continue to enjoy a snack and beverage. Stinkin heads out to find a YBF and paperclips and a Back Beer check.  

We head back to the house for circle and the naming of Just Ace.  After the pack comes up with some great names he will forever be know as Gandolf My Weed!

Anal Rose leads the pack in circle with down downs and songs.  It’s Still Stained is still our Hash Shit the keeper of Henry.  Anal leads the pack in Swing Low.  May the pack go in peace!  May the pack get a peice!  

Next trail Feb 4th Hares Curious Butthole, Dirty Manchez, and Split Doggy Dog

On On 

Stinkin Pussy

Author: H.A.N.K. H3

H.A.N.K. HASH was co-founded by Stinkin Pussy and Anal Rose in July of 2017.

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