New Songs

Words by Clearly your Gay

 (To the tune of: yankee doodle) ‘H.A.N.K. Hash Harriers ran the town, looking for some beer; writing songs is too much work, so this one stops right here!’

Submitted by Hailey Cocket

HANK H3 to the tune of Doe Ray Me…

H – Hey, I think I’ll run for Beer

A – Alright, I’ll have another Beer

N – No wine, I drink Beer! 

K – OK, I’ll have a Beer!

H – Hashing is for Beer!

H – Hell yeah, I’ll have a Beer!

H – Honors, let’s have a Beer!

Brings us back to Down, Down, Down a Beer

Author: H.A.N.K. H3

H.A.N.K. HASH was co-founded by Stinkin Pussy and Anal Rose in July of 2017.

One thought on “New Songs”

  1. Words by Gobble Gobble Big Balls

    (To the Tune of Iron Man by Ozzy) I’m the Ice Cream Man
    I’m the Ice Cream Man
    Running kids over with my van
    If they don’t get hurt
    I just throw it in reverse!
    Drink it Down Down Down…

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