H.A.N.K. 18


Where: Casa de LubeStained’s (Diablo³)

6769 Fir Street

Suquamish wa
Feel free to park in front of Gandolf’s house two doors down

When: 12:00p
Hares away at 12:30ish (let’s be real, it will be more like 1p)

Who: Gobble Gobble Big Balls, Father Lube, It’s Still Stained, & Peggi’s Cumming Down the Mountain

What: True trail is under 2.69 miles A-A and it’s uphill for the first 2 miles and for the next 2 it’s all shiggy!! But then you finish with 1½ miles uphill to the wrong place!

What to bring?

6$ hash cash
Virgins (who run for free)
Body glide for chaffing for some…
Anti-Monkey-Butt for the people in the know
Bug Spray
Your hot brother
Your Sexy sister
New shoes
Shiggy gear!!
Wet bag
More virgins
Bear Spray – seriously
Golf clubs
Cougar repellent unless you have a thing for older cats
Not dog friendly…sorry our dog doesn’t play well with other pups, and it’s his house. If there’s going to be bleeding it better be from broken tequila bottles

Author: H.A.N.K. H3

H.A.N.K. HASH was co-founded by Stinkin Pussy and Anal Rose in July of 2017.

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