H.A.N.K. #49 Shiggy for Shittartded’s Barfday

Date – May 8th 2022

Time – 12pm Hares away 1230ish

Hares – Team Curious Dildo

Location- 47.801582, -122.660097

Cross streets of Pioneer Way NE & NW Lofall Road Poulsbo WA

When: 12:00p

Hares Away 12:30ish

Who: Team Curious Dildo Fucking

What: Shiggy for Shittarded’s Birthday!

Trail is A-B!
Tough IS NOT dog friendly
Easy is Walker and Dog Friendly

What to bring:
Jameson for Shittarded
5$ + $1 ($6) hash cash
Virgins (who run for free)
Your hot brother
New shoes
Shiggy gear
Dry bag
Your sexy sister
Bear Spray
Cougar repellent
Hare snares

Author: H.A.N.K. H3

H.A.N.K. HASH was co-founded by Stinkin Pussy and Anal Rose in July of 2017.

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