H.A.N.K. X

HANK leaves the single digits hash

Hares Curious Butthole, Dirty Manchez, & Splitt Doggy Dog

Kitsap Memorial Park

Poulsbo WA

12p – 3p

Hash Cash $6 virgins FREE

Hares – Curious Butthole, Dirty Manchez, & Splitt Doggy Dog

Hash Cash – $6

Join us as H.A.N.K. leaves the single digits. Yay! Bring your virgins and fellow wankers. Bring your naughty uncle. Bring your hot mom….no, really. Call them all. 😜

Come pre-funk for the Super Bowl with your favorite halfminds! Shiggy, lewd behavior, alcohol, nudity, warm food….no better way to start a Super Bowl Sunday!

A-A trail. WA State park pass required or cash/check for parking. Not dog friendly at last check. Bring the fur babies at your own risk. We will be starting ON TIME for this hash. Game starts at 3:30 PST. We all need to get where we’re going to see the Super Bowl (PS. Any ideas about on-afters for the game?).

Appetite for BEEEEEEEEER!
Cash….no plastic
WA State park pass
Your creepy uncle
Your hot mama
VIRGINS!!!!!!! All the virgins!
New shoes
Dry bag
A lust for hashing!


New Songs

Words by Clearly your Gay

 (To the tune of: yankee doodle) ‘H.A.N.K. Hash Harriers ran the town, looking for some beer; writing songs is too much work, so this one stops right here!’

Submitted by Hailey Cocket

HANK H3 to the tune of Doe Ray Me…

H – Hey, I think I’ll run for Beer

A – Alright, I’ll have another Beer

N – No wine, I drink Beer! 

K – OK, I’ll have a Beer!

H – Hashing is for Beer!

H – Hell yeah, I’ll have a Beer!

H – Honors, let’s have a Beer!

Brings us back to Down, Down, Down a Beer