What is the H.A.N.K. HASH (Half-Assed North Kitsap)

Our hash was co-founded by Stinkin Pussy and Anal Rose to welcome Virgins to experience the wonders of hashing without being scared off by the idea of putting feet to the pavement in the honor of fun. While other hashes in the area definitely offer a great time, our hash expands on some different traditions with the focus more on fun than running. But we are NOT a “walking” hash. Our trails offer as much shiggy and fun as other hash trails, at a fraction of the size! Our only set rules are that the virgins are welcome, the beer is flowing and the trails are not too long!

How do I start Hashing with H.A.N.K.?

How do I start hashing with Half-Assed?!
1. Must be at least twenty-one years old. We’re a drinking club (with a running problem). There will be alcohol.
2. Visit this page to find the run start information (when, where, how much it costs, who’s haring, special notes, etc)
3. Show up! This hash is for you! We can’t wait to meet you!
4. VIRGINS RUN FOR FREE!!! (virgins have never hashed before. Ever.)
5. Wear shoes and clothes you don’t care about. You might get dirty!
6. Bring a change of clothes appropriate for the climate and a dry pair of shoes.
7. Bring a flashlight. You may run in the dark, even in the middle of the day!
8. Bring an open mind and a good sense of humor. We pick on everybody!
9. Bring an open minded friend with a good sense of humor. We love a crowd!
10. Leave the children* at home. We’re an adult hash and we may say a bad word or two.
*Children = anyone 0-20 years old and anyone who has a personal lawyer or ax to grind.

Half Assed Missmanagement
How do I hare for Half-Assed? (Basic Hare Guide)
1. The trail cannot be longer than three miles. Shoot for 2.5 to be sure. We’re called the Half-Assed for a reason!
2. Contact the hare raiser and set a date
3. HANKH3 Runs when HSWTFH3, Giggity H3 or hash event in Seattle is not happening.
4. You are responsible for everything.
5. If you don’t want to deal with food or have an ending near food, make sure you post that in your run notes
6. The trail cannot be longer than three miles.
7. Don’t forget, virgins are free!!!
8. Stay in your budget or charge a bigger fee accordingly
9. Provide your expense receipts! Profits, if any, go to the hash.
10. Did we mention that the trail cannot be longer than three miles?