What’s your home kennel and name?

  • I’ve been hashing since 2001. Hone Kennel is Humpin.  1st time hashing was 2001 San Diego RDR hash name Don’t Need No Stinkin Pussy.  I was named by Weed Wacker

Author: H.A.N.K. H3

H.A.N.K. HASH was co-founded by Stinkin Pussy and Anal Rose in July of 2017.

18 thoughts on “What’s your home kennel and name?”

  1. I started Hashing and was named in La Maddalena, Italy with the F*ck All Triathletes, Straights of Bonafacio (affectionately known as the FAT SOB) Hash House Harriers way back in 2003. I have since Hashed in every continent, except Antarctica, which I will add as soon as this Global Warming thing kicks in and makes it more comfortable.

    Does this qualify me for a free shirt? FREE SHIRT! FREE SHIRT! FREE SHIRT!!


  2. Father
    Tell Mother NOT to steal my lube
    First to be named by my home kennel – H.A.N.K! By the RA Anal Rose on September 3rd, 2017

    My Hash-birth was just under a year ago, January 29th of 2017. But the HS!WTF? H3 (also It’s Still Stained name day) So that means my mother kennel is HS!WTF? H3

    And Anal Rose was the RA the day I was named

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  3. Splitt Doggy Dogg
    Mother and home kennel is HS!WTF!?H3. I LOVE SHIGGY! I Can’t stress that enough. I’ve been hashing for 7 years now. I enjoy travel hashing and meeting new half-minds. Hashing saved my life. I’m lucky to be with you fucking fucks! Free beer for all the hashers!

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  4. Pee Hard On. Mother Hash is Denver Red Dress 97. Currently homeless but starting with Indyscent this weekend. Named by P2H4 by Hot Socket and TinkerBell

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  5. Necrotizing Hashiitis, of the Whorevallis Oregon hash. I am currently half of the Palm Springs hash but the northwest will always be home. I started hashing in 2012 and my life was forever changed

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  6. Sniff Then Penetrate, STP for short.
    Been hashing since 3/19/11, first run ever was Tidewater’s Green Dress run. Mother Kennel would be Tidewater, home kennel HSWTFH3.

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  7. Kitty Liqueur here, mother hash is Giggity, Tacoma/South Sound named me but i do more Giggity and HS!WTF? … only joined y’all once so far but i found the super-secret shiggy and came bearing someone else’s tequila (it threw me off balance!) sooo … đŸ˜€ On-On!

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  8. Drug ’em & Plug ’em responding here, named by hash royalty-Anal Rose. My mother kennel is Humpin’ H3 out of San Diego, started doing this thing called hashing in 2009. Prefer to travel hash and consider my home kennel wherever I am at the moment…right now that is HANK!

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